242 New Zealand Natural’s Beat Box Workshop with New Beginnings

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Written by Board Member, Glenn Costales

The team’s second of three stops was New Beginnings, beside CRIBS Foundation along the Industrial Valley Complex. Since 1979, CRIBS has been providing a home for abandoned, surrendered, neglected and abused infants and children. The event got off to an intimate start with both the volunteers and children introducing their selves one by one. Cheers and laughter soon followed as everyone listened to each one’s favorite actor/ actress, among other details, with some even showcasing their talents.

The group was then divided into five (5) teams for a game of ‘High Trivia’ – a U! Happy Events (Kuya Harvard) creation if I may add. In this game, teams had to enumerate answers for the categories given. But first they had to bid for how many answers they could provide. The team with the highest bid got a chance to win the point. From Marvel super heroes to Philippine Holidays, both volunteer and kid cranked their brain wheels to come up with as many answers as they can. The game was definitely both fun and informative.

After that, came another highlight of the event. Kuya Joy and Ate Marie from Beat ‘ABox pounded their boxes (or Kahon) and rocked their tunes to the delight of the kids. The kids themselves got to try their hand in the unassuming instrument to the songs of popular bands like One Direction and Maroon 5. They certainly had a blast as they channeled their inner rock stars in banging to the acoustic beat.

The group then bid the children of CRIBS goodbye but not without leaving them with gifts, as well as a delicious merienda. To top it all off, the volunteers of NZN handed everyone their superb ice cream products for the kids to enjoy. Indeed, those frozen delights were the perfect way to end the event.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events