778 Lifesavers Celebrates with Habitat for Humanity

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

Our partnership with the Mano Amiga started way back 2013. A lot has changed since then with commercial complexes and transportation terminals rising in what used to be empty lots around the area. Among those that remained though are the lively and affable kids of the Taguig-based NGO.

Together with her son and some volunteer friends, Ate Maxine Mamba represented a group of sponsors (Ms. Karen Pamintuan and Red Carpet Events) to spend an enriching early afternoon event with 25 kids from the surrounding community.

The event started with a simple getting-to-know activity. After being organized into groups, the volunteers shared to the kids their favorite superheroes and games while growing up, while the kids told their kuyas and ates about what they wanted to be when they grow up.

With everyone a little bit more comfortable in their groups, the event played its first game with Pass the Charades. Simply put, this game was Pass the Message – Charades style. The four competing teams were candidly named Avengers, LizQuen, Super and Ganda’t Gwapo. ‘Animals’ was the category for this round of Pass the Charades. An elephant, rabbit, fish and others more soon made their way up and down the order as both volunteers and kids tried to finish ahead of the other teams. In the end, the Avengers bested the 3 others.

After the animated first game, the second contest was a breath of fresh air so-to-speak. Each team member was given a balloon as we played Blow Me Up. In this game, the groups had to blow into their balloons to come up with the number of balloons required in the different sizes specified. As exhausting as it was, the volunteers and kids still had fun with the Avengers again taking home the prize for this game.

The groups then sat back down for an encouraging talk about Jesus Christ and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This was a topic close to Ate Maxine’s heart as a member of the group Lifesavers. In the end, the kids got to know more about what the presence of the Holy Spirit can bring one who calls to God.

A stimulating art activity ensued led by U!’s own Ate Amy. With cutouts of men and women figures, the kids used crayons to draw images of their dreams when they grew up. The figures soon became policemen, firemen, doctors and several others. It was an inspiring activity to put on paper something the kids have pictured in their bright and young minds.

Food was soon served to the kids around afternoon. Ate Maxine then handed out school supplies as well as a back-pack which the kids were excited about. Afterwards, everyone gathered for a group picture with the kids sending off their kuyas and ates with a warm embrace.

Thank U! again to Ms. Karen Pamintuan, Red Carpet Events, Lifesavers and Ate Maxine for bringing together a group of people to reach out to the Mano Amiga Kids. The kids were truly blessed and we certainly hope that they can be united in another fun event in the future.

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