301 Kuya Timo Celebrates with Virlanie Foundation

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Written by Board Member, Glenn Costales

The team of U! Happy Events geared up for another momentous Sunday, March 16. It was the 2nd of 2 events at the Makati Coliseum with children from the Virlanie Foundation. Kuya Timo Chua, a volunteer sponsor, celebrated his birthday with 50 kids. Virlanie is a private, non-profit organization helping street children in the Philippines. They aim to equip street children with responsibility and discipline as they mature.

The event started with each volunteer standing in front of the kids to introduce themselves. Several minutes later, and in typical U! fashion, a couple of volunteers ended up dancing to the amusement of the kids.

After the children and volunteers were grouped, the event proceeded with another unique game – the Banderitas challenge. With art papers and a piece of straw line, each group raced to build the longest and the most colorful banderitas. Some groups really built long colorful lines. Others though, strangely enough, only managed a few pieces. Nevertheless, everyone had a blast as one group emerged the winner.

The group then prepared for another action-packed game, Tumbang Preso. In this game, the groups individually hurled their plastic bowling balls into a set of bowling pins, with the goal of knocking all of them down. The balls and bowling pins were flying around the room and it was truly a festive frenzy.

And as if the excitement wasn’t enough, up next was the amazing acrobat performance by Dads Acrobats. They flipped, rolled, leaped over and onto one another, and then flipped some more. It was such a daring performance that almost everyone held their breath in thrill. It was a remarkable show and everyone gave an equally amazing ovation.

Lastly, one of U!’s resident magicians, Kuya Kobe, dazzled everyone with his incredible magic performance. For some of the kids, it was their first time to witness such a display. Kuya Kobe did not disappoint as he pulled out his best and most memorable tricks.

The games and shows were over, but Kuya Timo still had something in store for the kids. After a generous serving of snacks, the kids were given school supplies and story books as parting gifts. It was a sweet cherry on top of the day’s celebration.

U! Happy Events again extends its heartfelt thanks to Kuya Timo and all his friends for supporting the day’s event. The kids from Virlanie were truly blessed with the time they shared with them, the gifts they received, and most importantly, the memories they built that day.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events