346 Kuya Jave’s Baking Workshop with Tuklasan

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

The second event at Tuklasan center came to play and we got even more volunteers from the first one. 61 volunteers signed up to learn baking with 35 kids.

Chef Kittin Constantino comes back for the third time. She’s definitely passionate about teaching and makes sure its a balance of fun and learning in her sessions. After getting to know, we got everyone huddled to hear out the step by step process on how to make chocolate crinkles and Pinoy version of the fruit salad.

A half an hour or so passes by and Kuya Harvard calls everyone to stand up for their turn. We divided the crowd to 5 groups and they had their own sets of materials and ingredients. “Explore, be adventurous but be technical at the same time”, Kuya Harvard emphasized. We wanted everyone to follow instructions but add their own personal touch to it too.

We got everyone for a pause to sing a birthday greeting to Kuya Jave Tribiana. His family was present but he himself was overseas in Saudi Arabia working as flight attendant. We got him cupcakes and a happy song to thank him for making this event possible.

Two energetic and competitive games followed. We got them to move and dance! Merienda and gift giving wrapped up a full day. Kuya Jave got art supply set for the kids.

Far away or near, we appreciate sponsors who take the time to bless kids and provide them better opportunities.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events