358 Kuya Inigo Celebrates with Tuklasan

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

We had 4 events this weekend. Two of them were in partnership with moms celebrating their children’s birthday. This time it was for Kuya Inigo’s 8th birthday. Like Kuya Franz’s yesterday, the siblings helped us out in the program by sharing their skills to thirty kids of Tuklasan and Baranggay 20.

We started the morning with Kuya Inigo and Kuya Harvard teaching the kids how to put together a Crash Gear. Its a type of origami. The output was a spaceship type that kids can play with. Kuya Harvard got the kids to keep that first then we proceeded to do the cupcake decorating. We got the kids divided into teams and paired them up with some of our guests. This is the part when kids get creative and adventurous.

The last activity was loom bands. This was headed by the sister, of Kuya Inigo, Zian. She is only 10! Mommy Emma shopped for looms and got everyone a pack for them to explore and work on. After 30 minutes, everyone had new colorful accessories for their wrists.

After 3 activities, we got to take break and served chicken and spaghetti from McDonald’s. Since we got them for food, they also brought along Hamburglar and Grimace for a “Gimmme Gimme” dance number. The morning ended with gifts, photos and wrap around hugs for good byes. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events