GoPro Gives Back to Youth Mobilization

Monday, December 4, 2017

Written by: Ate Ren dela Cruz, Board Member

While some people are busying themselves this Christmas season with finding time for friends and loved ones, the ates and kuyas at GoPro found it in their hearts to also make room for those whom they do not yet personally know — underprivileged children who need love the most this season. It was their 3rd outreach with us in a series of partnerships, and this time we visited the kids of Youth Mobilization.

Being the warm and game people that they are, our volunteers started off the event by introducing themselves to the kids and getting to know them. As they warmed up to one another, each were grouped to form a mix of volunteers and kids, as we proceeded to our planned activities.

Laughter and excitement filled the air as we saw everyone’s game-face on in the games, which included Pass the Ball, where the group representative holding the ball at a given time needed to do the actions being instructed by kuya Harv. The kids were surely getting out of their shells and overcoming their shyness as the games progressed.

The ates and kuyas then made sure to eat with the kids after such an energizing program, and also had much gifts to give our kids. After receiving their loot, we asked the kids to do a group photo with our volunteers to remember such a joyful Christmas celebration.

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U! Happy Events