GoPro Gives Back to A-HA! Learning Center

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Written by ate Ren dela Cruz, Board Member

Companies who do Corporate Social Responsibility projects have an extra tug at our heartstrings at U! Happy, because it speaks volumes about the culture of the people and organization the represent. One such company that reached out to us to partner with kids was GoPro, who we were delighted to bring to the kids of A-HA! Learning Center.

Ates and kuyas got to know these little ones last November 23 and it was an awesome day filled with laughter and giving! To start off the program, we began by making sure the kids were at home with the volunteers – so we encouraged everyone to get to know one another, and asked the volunteers to introduce themselves in front of the children. Each ate and kuya gamely obliged, and pretty soon the kids were excited to start.

After grouping the volunteers with the kids, we played two games: Paint Me a Picture, which got everyone’s creative juices flowing, and In or Out, which required everyone’s attention and alertness! It was a delight seeing each kid grow closer to the volunteers, and see everyone’s happy, smiling faces.

Mealtime soon followed to reenergize the kids, and the GoPro volunteers also surprised the children with their new slippers each! To cap off such a heartwarming day, we got everyone for a group photo, and asked the kids to hug their ates and kuyas.

Thank you so much GoPro for reaching out! We hope this is only the beginning of your partnership not just with us but with the advocacy of serving underprivileged kids!

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