216 Corazon Foundation’s Dance Workshop with KNK

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

This was yet another fruitful partnership with Corazon Roxas Foundation. We got the opportunity to reach out to kids from way north of Metro Manila. The group Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi, a japanese word meaning Children without Borders works for children at risk, children in need of special protection specialized on intervention and diversion of children in conflict with the law. They are guided by their vision “A world that cares for the total development of children”.

The day was all about dance. We invited Kuya Japs from our partner, Big Shift Dance Studios to teach 40 kids on what dancing should be. Kuya Japs emphasized that dance is about enjoying and experimenting first. What follows is a series of practice to be excellent. There has to be hard work in dancing as well.

We started the day by partnering our volunteers and kids into groups- let them familiarized themselves. After stretching, we had a intense dance session. Kuya Japs was patient in making sure the kids and even the volunteers got to catch on the steps. The four groups was then given a challenge to perform. The volunteers task was to guide but some of the Ates and Kuyas was so into it! 🙂

The performance showed much potential to the kids’ future. Most of them were into dancing already. It was a great idea to get a professional to inspire and teach them more about dance. Kuya Japs even game a sample after a request from the kids.

After gift giving of school supplies, we want out in the garden for some photos! Check out our heart shaped photo. It took as awhile to do that but it was all worth it. 🙂

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