317 Be A Hero with Metro World Child

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Written by Board Member, Glenn Costales

In this day and age, it’s easy to get discouraged about many things. Whether it’s the growing prices of commodities, the arduous commute to work, or just the scorching weather, it’s become easier to complain and to a degree, surrender to the difficulties every day. With this in mind, the team of U! Happy Events put together an event to challenge this way of thinking through the Be A Hero event.

The doors of CCF Makati greeted the volunteers once more last Saturday, May 17. The venue likewise welcomed 48 kids from Metro World Child – the beneficiaries of the day. Metro World Child is an international organization reaching out to thousands of neglected children in the metropolis. They partner with local churches and communities to provide support through education and evangelism.

After a brief orientation and welcome of the volunteers, the kuyas/ ates and the kids were grouped and given a chance to get comfortable with each other. Then it was off to the races with the event’s first game. The games lined up were designed to focus on the important parts that make a hero – the mind, the heart and the body.

The Spell Hero game was first up as the kids and volunteers had to spell words using their bodies and their limbs. The words were selected to identify important ‘heroes’ from the Bible, from history or from their favorite movie. With clues being given, the groups put their heads together to name and spell the words correctly. The excitement and elation were all around the venue especially whenever the kids got the word right. It was a great start to the day.

Afterwards was the Hero Photo game. This was a variation of the popular Paint-A-Picture game. However, instead of everyday scenarios, the groups were tasked to paint a picture portraying helping one another, as well as the environment. The volunteers and kids really had to dig deep within them to be able to depict and express the situation given.

After ‘training’ the mind and the heart, next up was the body. U! Core Member Ate Ren dela Cruz led all the participants in a fitness workshop. The punches, kicks and action-filled movements certainly had everyone’s adrenaline racing and their muscles flexing.

After the physical exercise, the groups prepared to complete their hero identities with the last activity of the day – the Hero-Costume-Making. The kids were provided with different-colored shirts, pens and logos they can copy. This was designed to provide an outward expression of the hero within them. The kuyas and ates were likewise thrilled to have their hand in the overall look of their kid’s costumes. And to really provide the full hero-effect, the kids were given their own capes which they wasted no time in putting on and then zooming around the venue.

The surprises were not yet over though. Before mellowing down for lunch, the group joyfully greeted and sang to our very own Kuya Harvard as he celebrated his birthday a few days earlier.

With their full tummies and pictures in tow, the kids embraced their Kuyas and Ates goodbye. It was a fitting and heart-warming end to the day.

The team of U! again wishes a very happy birthday to its founder, Kuya Harvard. May his passion for serving children continue be a great testimony for others. May Jesus Christ continue to be his hero.

The team would also like to thank Ate Jannet from Funlipix for their constant support, as well as our food supplier, Kuya Dennis and his family.

The simplest and most random acts of kindness eventually add up and contribute to a character of selflessness – exactly what a hero has. One doesn’t need special powers, just a heart that’s ready to care more and brave enough to do more for others.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events