223 Ate Iriss’ Baking Workshop with Tuklasan & Bgy. 20

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Iriss Mangio approached Kuya Harvard for a birthday event with kids last month excited. She will be hosting this with her husband and friends for the first time. She was encouraged when she attended one of her friend’s celebrations with kids at Jollibee early this year. In fact, Ate Iriss wanted to replicate her experience in Jollibee. We had a different learning and fun idea instead.

Jollibee parties are good. We had events there before. We just felt that our sponsors and volunteers should celebrate where the kids reside. This is so they could understand more their situation and come back again. U! Happy Events is also shifting to workshop based activities besides entertainment and games. We wanted to incorporate learning through activities shared by a real professional. So last Sunday we had Chef Kittin Crisostomo demonstrate and facilitate a baking workshop for the kids and volunteers.

If you heard of career day in school wherein adults share what they do to kids, we are doing that now through workshops. Even better because we have hands on. Our event was divided into 4 teams of kids and volunteers. Each table had their own set of materials and ingredients to make banana bread loaf, cupcakes and chocolate frosting. After making the cupcakes they had to design it together as a team. We had marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate for that.

Chef Kittin who also owns her own restaurant did the honor of judging the best decorated cupcake set. We on the other hand gave prizes to show the kids that excellence in our work matters. We also had an ice breaker game. We did the nerve wracking blind egg toss.

At the end of the day, we distributed lots of gifts to the kids. The group of Ate Iriss friends together with Ate Mara, who also celebrated her birthday provided much blessings. The kids got school supplies, goodie loot bag, toys and food. They could not carry it. On top of this, our sponsor from Kuwait, Mr. and Mrs. Francisco donated an electric oven and baking materials to the center for their future use. All these blessings inspired our team to serve more kids knowing there are a lot of willing hearts out there for the kids.

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