198 Ate Marianne’s Film Showing, The Croods with New Beginnings

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

We reached out to the kids and teens of CRIB’s Marikina. They are under the New Beginnings Program. It is a residential home for young female survivors of sexual abuse aged 7-18 years. It provides a nurturing and therapeutic environment for the healing and recovery of each child. The program utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach in meeting the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of the children. In CRIBS, healing through the arts is an important part of the recovery process.

To protect the kids and teens, please do not grab any of the photos and paste them in Facebook or other social media. Thank you for understanding.

Ate Marianne spearheaded the kite event, Fly with Us with her friends recently (March 23). This one was fully sponsored by her as part of her birthday celebration. Our team is blessed to have volunteers who really take the time to make their own event and take part in the lives of the kids. Thank you once again Ate Marianne and friends.

We had merienda at first in KFC. We appreciate them for allowing us to close a certain part of their restaurant for orientation of the kids and volunteers. This initial part of the event was special. The pairings got to open up to each other. Both sides got to share things they love and bits of stories about their life. That is one essential reason why we do these events.

To increase interaction and fun we had Quantum arcade next. Each pairing got to play all types of games available. They even got to do some singing. On our first event with them, they showed us their talents and skills in singing and dancing.

Third was movie. It was our second time to invite kids for a movie showing in a mall. The first time was way back in December of 2006. The movie then was Santa Claus. This time we watched a family oriented and funny animation, The Croods. It was a perfect movie for it showed the value of having an adventurous soul and not always being afraid. Kids need to have the confidence to be someone, to be challenged but still be victorious in life. If you’re reading this, we recommend you watching it with kids. One of the teens got to watch for the very first time. All of them showed so much excitement by being very expressive in their reactions.

Again, consider partnering with us to do events with Kids. We would do all the essential things to make your event experiential and fulfilling. If you’re willing, contact us here or at 09178874278. Thanks! :)

U! Happy Events

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