181 Ate Mafe Celebrates with Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

Around late November we got a message in our Facebook page for a Create Your Own Event. Ate Mafe inquired and wanted to have an event with kids. Specifically she asked for cancer patients. We reached out to Childhaus first. They were booked on all days she preferred. They were actually book in almost all days of December. Good thing, our reliable partner Philippine Children’s Medical Center was still available to partner with us.

Ate Mafe is a young Overseas Filipino Worker from the United States. Like a number of Balikbayans, they travel back here every December. Christmas here in the Philippines they say is not only the longest but also the happiest. As we are happy, we want to make others happy as well. Ate Mafe accomplished this last December 26, our 12th Day of Christmas at PCMC.

There were 30 kids- mostly with the dreaded big C, that joined in. Thanks to Ate Beth Jayobo, our coordinator for making the selections and arrangements. On the other hand, there were 29 volunteers who showed up. A few of them were also Balikbayans- some Singaporeans, friends of Kuya Harvard.

It was a well spent post Christmas afternoon affair. We had games using cups and games using their bodies to form letters. We also had some entertainment- a magic show and singing from kids and volunteers. Thank you once again to those who went and took part of this worthwhile event! :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events