479 Ate Krich Celebrates with Children’s Joy Foundation

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Written by Glenn Costales, Secretary

As an organization putting together events to benefit children’s groups, it is always encouraging to meet people who display a similar fervor to reach out to kids. That’s why the team was eager to meet with Ate Krich Dabu at Children’s Joy Foundation in Quezon City last Saturday. Ate Krich is in her 20s and has been doing this endeavor of giving back for the past couple of birthdays she’s celebrated.

It was a gathering of Ate Krich’s friends and family, some student volunteers, and a few other people who just came to participate. Before the revelries started, tons of food and giveaways were brought in to the excitement of the kids. Another birthday celebrant, Ate Auie, was likewise there and she brought with her even more goodies.

The anticipation built up with the kuyas and ates on one side of the venue, and the kids of Children’s Joy Foundation on the other. They were soon paired up and grouped into five (5) teams. They didn’t waste any time getting to know each other and coming up with their group names as the event finally got the ball rolling.

A fun line-up of games followed which really got everyone excited both physically and mentally. The first game was Stack Me Up. The contest had all the teams use 45 cups each which they had to form into perfect pyramids. It required teamwork and communication as the teams scrambled to assemble their pyramids first and win prizes for the kids.

The second game also required teamwork but with a bit of movement. It was called Lean On me. The volunteers and kids paired up and pinned a ping pong ball in between their foreheads. They then lined up and raced to finish first in the relay game. After a couple of rounds, all the teams were into it and a winning team was soon announced.

The last game needed a lot of movement – the Dance Craze Showdown. In this game, popular songs played which the teams had to dance to. They needed to display choreography, creativity and of course the famous dance step associated with the song. It was safe to say the volunteers threw away whatever timidity they had and gamely led their kids in doing the Macarena, Spaghetti, Douggie and others more.

With the games over, it was time to relax with an entertaining Bubble Show. Kuya Allan, a professional bubble show entertainer, demonstrated an array of tricks and blew up different-sized bubbles. It was a dazzling display that got the kids and volunteers into it – literally! Some of the participants got to experience what it was like to be in a bubble which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

A hearty snack followed with cheese burgers, spaghetti, chicken and some tasty sweets. It really provided some much needed nourishment after the exhilarating competition early in the day. The kids also got their prizes for being part of the winning team during the games.

With everyone full, the kids then took the mic for a wonderful performance. These kids exhibited just how talented they are as they serenaded the whole group with a mash up of some current pop songs. They then expressed their gratitude to our sponsors and even surprised her with their personal birthday cards. It was a moving scene that lent a lot of emotion to the event.

A traditional pabitin followed which gave the kids some even more sweets. Ate Krich then distributed her gifts for the children and everyone soon gathered for a final group picture.

This event was made possible because of the generous contribution of Ate Krich, Ate Auie and of course, all the volunteers who were present. We certainly wish them nothing but the best in this new year in their lives and we hope to reunite with them again soon.

From Ate Krich —

“25 years of existence and what have I done for others in my quarter life here on earth? I was searching the internet for institutions near our area in QC then I came across U! Happy Events website with a Create-Your-Own-Event facility (customize/sponsor your preferred kind of activity). It was so good to know that this kind of vocation/team existed already for almost 9 years. Of course, because I love kids, I chose an orphanage and was later on assigned to Children’s Joy Foundation.

Outreach activities were never new to me because this has been an annual activity in Catholic schools as well as in our little parish and in our organization, Legion of Mary, where I am a part of. It is through these exposures which fueled my passion to serve others and make a difference in the world. Too idealistic, right? Yes, it said that our generation perceived things this way but I try to do things little by little.

Every outreach is a different experience with an ultimate goal of making the children happy and feel loved even for a day. However, as I always say, it is them who gave us pure joy as well as memorable and rewarding experience to be Jesus to the CJFI kids.

Thank you, U! Happy Events, for being in-charge of the program! I’ll definitely sign up for your upcoming events soon!”

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events