339 Ate Clarisse & Ate Carina’s Circus Event with Bgy. Corazon de Jesus

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was a festive event as twin sisters, Ate Clarisse and Ate Carina Ong celebrated their birthday with kids from Bgy. Corazon de Jesus who are under the program of partner, Right Start.

It was our second circus themed event this year and will most likely push more of this in the coming events. It’s colorful, fun and interactive for volunteers and kids.

The venue was decorated beautifully with balloons and on one side was four food booths. We had co-sponsors Bon Chon and Happy Lemon booths. We also had ice cream and mixed balls. The baranggay also created a stage for our use. It was one welcoming place for a happy event.

We invited acrobats and a magician to perform. It was a platform to be amazed and be inspired on what they do. We balanced it with two games: Banderitas Challenge and Tumbang Preso. The games pave way for getting to know more and fun amongst the teams.

Thank you Kuya Scott Tan for coordinating with us and putting this party for the kids. It was a moment they would absolutely never forget. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events