138 Corazon Roxas Foundation’s Art and Talent with New Beginnings

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

Art and Talent with Cribs was another event sponsored by Corazon Foundation. They also funded the Manila Zoo tour with kids from Project Pearls.

The teens of Cribs was our kids this time. Usually Cribs is known for the babies. Not long ago they also embraced the teens who are abused physically, sexually and mentally by people, some even by their own families. “Some of them still suffer from trauma”, as relayed by the social worker. “Some are even victims of incest, so a number are very sensitive”, she adds.

We noted that struggle from some of the teens and we were even advised on taking photos. The photos we took should not be used in any form besides viewing. And we were careful not to show the teens faces directly.

We started the day with a game, to get to know each other. “We asked the volunteers and the teens to share their names, age and a description that fits them starting with the first letter of their first name”, Kuya Harvard said. The teens then shared multiple talented performances like dance and singing. We are glad that these teens have establish an outlet from their situation.

We had art activity after. The theme was future. So 6 teams were made composing of teens and volunteers. They presented the significance of it after. Magic show followed with Kuya Kobe doing a more mature magic mix. The program ended with getting to know more with their respective partners through lunch. :)

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