An Epic 2013!

Saturday, January 4, 2014
Christmas Event with orphans of Shepherd of the Hills.

Kuya Harvard, founder of U! Happy Events with orphans of Shepherd of the Hills.

Last September 2013 with 48 happy events so far, I envisioned our group to do 25 more to end 2013. We were approaching peak season and I boldly declared that we will finish with 73 events. This is 6 more than 2012′s 67. We wanted to outperform. The number of events for kids was our indicator. As expected, the whole army, our core team stepped up. It started with more social media buzz that led to more sponsor funding and volunteers reaching out. We ended the year with 98 happy events ! We doubled the 25 target to 50. For December alone we had 24 events and raised more than Php 1M for children. This summarizes a year of reaching out to more than 4,000 children with 2,100 volunteers.

Our team of 35 thrives with heart and desire to provide better lives. We have been serving for 7 years without payroll or cash compensation. The 283 happy events were possible and done effectively with a pool of selfless volunteers. I would like to invite you to thank them on their Facebook walls. A private message would be great as well. An encouragement will boost their souls to continue to press on to do our mission for children. Click here to see who they are- U! Happy Events Core Team . You probably met some of them or had an encounter somewhere else. They would love to meet you and share their volunteer experiences. Thank U!

As we end the year, we want to thank our sponsors who funded our 98 events this year. Although, mostly composed of individuals, they showed so much desire to contribute to a bigger picture. We also saw an increase in companies doing Corporate Social Responsibility events with us. We pray that we tap more in 2014! Thank you to our volunteers who believed in the value of interacting and sharing lives with kids. Shout out of love as well to our suppliers who labored with us in delivering quality events. It was an epic 2013! 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events