258 Accessory Making Workshop with New Beginnings

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Written by our Sponsor, who chose to be Anonymous

Sometimes we tend to forget the miracles that God graces us with everyday. Even little things such as a warm bed, scrumptious meal, having complete arms and legs so we can play and, most importantly, having that sense you are loved with all of who you are.

Yet, for the ladies that we’ve met at New Beginnings, even simplest form of love has been stripped away from them. These kids, from 8-16 (at least this is what I sensed, not sure if my numbers are correct), have been neglected and have been abused physically and sexually. Some of them cannot even look at you directly in the eye and some of them shied away from simple gestures and having their photos taken. But despite that, their hearts were so full of joy, as they loudly screamed a welcoming “good morning!” and a they showed excitement with our fun activity.

My friends and I, who have been so blessed by the Lord, wanted to share some of these blessings through an arts and crafts morning, wherein we taught how to make friendship bracelets and jewelries. It was heartwarming to see the kids so caught up in making beautiful earrings and rings and proudly showing them off to their friends and asking us Ates for help. Some of them even showed real talent in being creative that we, as their Ates, even asked them for tips! We capped off by giving our gifts, which they were all giddy about because we gave them manga comics. But not just any manga but about the story of Jesus the Messiah.

It was a simple morning but, even with the little thing that we did, we hope that it made the kids feel that people genuinely care for them. And more than that, there’s a true God in the name of Jesus Christ who truly loves them more than we ever could. Truly, even if everything has been taken away, He is really all we need. And in Him, there is much joy, much peace and much love.

Thank you to U! Happy Events and New Beginnings for this beautiful opportunity. And though while we went there to bless them, we also came out being blessed.

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