969 Matilda’s 1st Birthday with Little Lights Ministry

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Written by Vice President for External, Ate Charmain Tan

It was a fun Saturday afternoon as we celebrated the first birthday of Matilda. Parents Mommy Pauie and Daddy Benjie, married for three years now, are very thankful for having Matilda in their lives. They wanted to give back to other children as a way of sharing their blessings. The party was held at Valle Verde 1 clubhouse. The ceiling was filled with colorful paper lanterns. Tables were lined with striped runners and the chairs were wrapped in different colored ribbons. Each table was filled with a charming centerpieces that symbolized children, like book and pens, and there were also flowers and chocolates. There was no shortage of party booths like Cotton Candy, Dirty Ice Cream, Fish Ball, Big Chill, Potato Corner, and of course the photo booth.

The family invited the children from Little Lights Ministry to celebrate with them. U! Happy Events has partnered with Little Lights Ministry since 2010. It was great seeing Pastor Joseph and his wife Sister Janet, who have shown love and care for these children living in the communities in Pasig. Little Lights Ministry aims to nourish the body and mind of the children. On weekends they have supplementary academic and art classes and also teaches the children about faith.

We’ve known these adorable kids for a while now. They waved and hugged us as we got to the venue. As they were happy to see us we were also very happy to see them. We got to sit with them before the party started and got to know how everyone was doing. Everyone was very excited to go around the different booths. We had so much french fries and fish balls that some of the kids were full already even before the event started. As the guests of Ate Pauie and Kuya Benjie arrived, we called on some of them in front to join us in our activities with the kids. They showed off their dance moves as we grouped the children into four. The ates and kuyas for the day split up into the different groups.

The first activity we did was the game Pass the Ball. Before the start of each round Kuya Harvard gave an animal that they had to copy. Two balls were given to each team. As the music played, the members had to pass the ball around until the music stopped. When it stopped the two members holding the ball had to stand up and do the animal that was specified before each round. All the teams were very competitive as they tried getting up as fast as they could. Some of the animals we gave were bear, kangaroo, penguin, fish, and others. It was fun watching the kids and adults copying the animals. Bear turned out to be the hardest to mimic while doing the penguin walk was the funniest. In the end it was group 4 who won the round.

Aside from the games the kids got to enjoy a magic show. Our magician started out with lots of tricks. Sticks turned into candlesticks with fire and colorful umbrellas kept popping out. He also did ventriloquy where a funny puppet were talking to the kids. The puppet kept singing the ABC song with wrong letters and replacing the right lyrics with different words. The kids kept laughing as the puppet made funny jokes one after the other. The kids also got to enjoy a bubble show. The bubbles started out really small until bigger bubbles kept appearing. We had to keep the children off the stage as everyone got excited chasing and popping the bubbles. Some of the children were able to go inside a huge bubble and had their photos taken.

Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous early dinner prepared by Matilda and her family. There were pot roast, lasagna, creamed fish, and my favorite, desserts. The coconut and coffee panna cotta were very delicious. The kids also excitedly went to the dessert bar and got so many cupcakes, brownies, and chocolates. The kids got lots of from Matilda. Aside from the loot box, they also received school supplies, story books and lots of other toys. The winners of the game got prizes like Barbie dolls, puzzles, and toy cars. Of course not only the winners got prizes but there were enough gifts for all the children.

Everyone gathered around to wish baby Matilda a happy birthday. U! Happy Events thank Ate Pauie and Kuya Benjie for allowing us to once again reach out to these children. It was a wonderful celebration and the children indeed had an awesome time. It’s not everyday they get to be part of experiences like this. Great fulfillment comes with sharing with others. The more we share, the more we have.

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