968 Hue & Me with Gawad Kalinga Laura Kids

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Written by Vice President for External, Ate Charmain Tan

This weekend’s art event Hue and Me: Reaching out to the community through art was held at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura. Piece for Peace in Marawi was a two-day fundraising event for the victims in Marawi City. The event was organized by ArtisteSpace, featured works of different artists, including paintings, photography, calligraphy, sculptures, crafts, and others. It aimed to increase the awareness of different art forms. JCI Princess Urduja once again gave us the opportunity to invite the children from Gawad Kalinga Laura. Ate Gladys welcomed us and the children as we arrived at SMX.

The children got to go around the different booths. The first booth we visited was by the painter Dr Ron Lim and the young artist Kim Pamela Co. The children got to look at the paintings of both artists. We then went around the other booths. There was a group that taught doodling. At first the kids were shy as they said they didn’t know how to draw. Eventually as one of them tried the others followed. The kids particularly enjoyed the booth by Expressions. They got to do murals and also received coloring materials from Expressions which they got to bring home. The girls enjoyed the Faber-Castell booth where they got to color using Faber-Castell pens. We also visited the Art in Island booth and took photos at their life sized tiger that had eyes that seemed to follow us as we moved. Several artists made paintings on the spot. It was great seeing how these artists made it look so easy to come up with art pieces.

I learned how to make jewelry pieces though the workshop by Femenina. They sell hand made products like tassled earrings, custom made necklaces, and beaded bracelets. Tassled earrings are the newest trend so I was excited to learn how to make one. There were also interesting sculptures from wood and metal. The kids also enjoyed watching the ice cream making booth. The person used a low temperature ice cream plate and a palette. She poured the ice cream mixture onto the plate and flatten it using the palette. She kept flattening and mixing it to freeze it then scraped it out into the cup. She made different kinds of flavors as the kids watched in delight.

We all enjoyed our lunch with the kids, thanks to Ate Glayds of JCI Makati Princess Urduja. The event was a great opportunity for the kids to develop their creativity. Some of them have been wanting to draw but they were shy to try at first. Through the workshops they got to learn and try out different art workshops. Everyone said they all had fun and they shared with which activities they liked the best. As they say, “Every child is an artist.”

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