966 Ate Sharleen’s Birthday Celebration with Talking Hands

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Written by: Kuya Joms Lapira, Core Team Member

Loving in Silence – Ate Sharleen’s Balloon Twisting and Magic Display with 120 Kids from House of Hope, and Talking Hands

“Actions speak louder than words.”

This was certainly true for Ate Sharleen when she invited deaf-mute kids from Talking Hands, and indigent children from the House of Hope.

Ate Sharleen Go always had the heart to help children in need. For her second event with U! Happy Events, she thought of a more meaningful way of how to celebrate her birthday. Inspired by her speech therapist brother, she chose to celebrate the occasion with deaf-mute and underprivileged kids.

Ate Sharleen invited a whopping 120 children from the House of Hope, and Talking Hands. She was joined by her husband, family and friends.

The kids, together with their guardians, enjoyed a balloon twisting workshop and learned how to be creative with balloons. They made swords, swans, and the crowd favorite: the machine gun. They also experienced a magic display which drew “ooh”s and “aah”s from the crowd. Most of them were first-time viewers of magic shows. The kids were very receptive of the shows. Applause and cheers filled the venue.

The deaf-mute guardians from Talking Hands also showcased their dancing talents in front of the crowd. Despite the lack of hearing, they were dancing to the beat and their timing was on point.

Ate Sharleen was grateful for the awareness imparted by the experience. She saw the world from a different lens, and would not see it the same way again.

Without saying a word, or making a hand sign or gesture, the children understood what Ate Sharleen thinks. She showed compassion through service. They felt love in spite of the absence of sounds. Her actions, indeed, spoke louder than words.

Ate Sharleen may have spent money, time and effort for this event; but ultimately, she got a gift that would not match any worldly reward.

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