964 Ate Nicole’s Birthday at Hospicio De San Jose

Monday, June 26, 2017

Written by Vice President for External, Ate Charmain Tan

As the volunteers arrived this holiday morning they were welcomed by the super adorable children. We were given lots of hugs by the kids. We introduced the birthday celebrant Ate Nicole who’s turning 21 in two weeks. She was joined by Mommy Julie and her friends from De Lasalle University, Ates Kamille and Anji.

We grouped the volunteers and the kids into four groups. The first game was Pass the Ball. Teams were given 2 balls each and they were to pass the ball around as the song played. Once they song stopped the pairs holding the balls had to stand. The first pair from the group that stood first got a point. The challenge was to make sure both from the pair stood up, the volunteer and the child. Some of the kids got too excited as they stood at once without their ates and kuyas. The kids had so much fun playing with the balls and passing them around as fast as they could. In the end, it was group 3 who came out the fastest.

The kids were then entertained by everyone’s favorite magician Kuya Kobe. He did his usual tricks like birds flying out of his hat, multiplying sticks that turned into candles, and the popular white board trick where he would draw a face on a white board and magically the eyes would move and the mouth would open. The kids laughed as they kept shouting “the face is moving!!” He also asked one of the kids, Christopher, to come up in front. He brought out his giant comb for Christopher’s hair and put a magicians hat on him. Kuya Kobe then asked the child to hold the magic wand but the wand kept breaking in half. All the kids kept laughing and shouting as Christopher tried making the wand stay straight. He also danced in front while wearing the magician’s hat. Kuya Kobe then asked another child, Felicity, to come up in front to assist him in his final trick.

The next program was the Bubble Show. The children watched in delight as our Bubble Man formed bubbles in different sizes. He started out with small ones and worked his way up to bigger ones. The kids kept trying to reach for the bubbles and some couldn’t help themselves but to pop them. The Bubble Man made really big bubbles that floated through the air. The kids and volunteers also got the opportunity to go inside the bubbles and had their photos taken. All the kids were very eager to go in and they had to keep themselves from touching the bubbles.

After the activities the children got to have their lunch followed by colorful doughnuts for dessert. Ate Nicole also gave gift packs and cute Mickey ears headbands to the kids. They also got pouches to put their pencils in. We gave out storybooks for the winners of the games. We wished Ate Nicole a happy birthday and the kids sang a thank you song for everyone who spent the morning with them.

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