959 Ate Chloe and Bahay Aruga kids at Kidzania Manila

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Written by President, Kuya Glenn Costales

Ate Chloe Chan had a clear plan on how she wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday. No, it wasn’t just about partaking in a dazzling celebration where everyone indulged in a glitzy and glamorous affair. What she wanted to do was take 50 kids to a place where they can have a vision for the future as well as paint a picture of hope.

50 kids with their parents/ guardians from Bahay Aruga were Ate Chloe’s important guests last Saturday. The scene of this special gathering was Kidzania in Bonifacio Global City – a place that provides a very unique and interactive set of activities wherein children could play adults for a day. Kidzania engages kids to portray different professions and allows them to perform how these jobs are done. Some of these include firefighters, doctors, race car drivers, radio DJs, bakers and a whole bunch of other trades.

Ate Chloe was joined by her wonderful family and friends who happily shared the next few hours with the kids inside the kid-size city. At the end of the trip, the volunteers and kids shared a very warm and pleasant time as Ate Chloe handed out baon packs and pillow as her parting gifts.

Most celebrations are usually exclusively marked with revelry and splendor. In a few instances though, it’s branded with selflessness and sincerity. We are truly grateful for the time spent by Ate Chloe, her family and friends with the kids from Bahay Aruga and we hope they carry on their compassionate deeds in their own way.

Bahay Aruga is a halfway home for pediatric cancer patients in Manila. U too can be part of an event like this. Drop by the Create Your Own Event of this page for more information.

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