957 Ate Tin’s Jollibee Birthday with International Teams Tender

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Written by Core Team Member, Ate Tin Ramos


As part of U! Happy Events core team, I might as well patronize our own service. With the help of my family and friends who are more than willing to share their time and blessings to others, I was able to create my own event. I will be forever grateful for their generosity and support.

We have invited 25 kids from IT tender to celebrate with us. Most of my volunteer assignments were events for IT Tender which made me comfortable with the community.

Kids were there early. We set up face painting to keep them busy while we prepare the event.

As we start the party, Volunteers got to introduce themselves to the kids. We organized the groups and had a brief getting-to-know you activity to create a bond between the kids and volunteers. Five groups were formed namely The Greatest Team, Team Pulis, Team Shy, Team Happy, and Team 4J’s and an A.

Highlight of the event was Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1 grand finalist Kuya Ruther Urquia, magician and ventriloquist with his Puppet Titoy. They entertained everyone with their whimsy, wit, and wackiness. Kids and volunteers were laughing the whole time!

Kuya Ruther also happens to be a children’s pastor. He shared inspiring life lessons as he pulled something out from his bag of tricks. One that struck me the most was the story on how a rainbow is formed. “Dilim! Kulog! Kidlat! Ulan! … Rainbow. Pag meron kayo pinadadanan sa buhay, Madilim, Kumukulog, Kumidklat at Nalulungkot kayo… Lagi nyo tatandaan, pagkatapos ng lahat ng ‘yon merong… Rainbow!” Despite the trials and difficulties, no matter how dark it is, never give up. A rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise. God keeps his promises.

Titoy also delivered a beautiful message to the kids,”mga bata sana lagi kayong masaya, galingan nyo sa school, mangarap kayo, mangyayari ‘yon.” Always be happy and prepare yourself to receive God’s miracle.

After Kuya Ruther and Titoy’s brilliant performance, it was Jollibee mascot’s turn to delight the kids and hit the dance floor. Volunteers were also enthusiastic to do a dance showdown with Jollibee.

Then, we served everyone with all-time Jollibee favorites. They all went home with a smile!

Thank you, U! Happy events for organizing my FUNtastic birthday party. Thank U! for making it such an enjoyable experience not just for the kids but the volunteers as well. My heart is filled with joy.
Set yourself up to be happy. Live a happy life with the grateful heart.
To God be the ultimate glory!



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