956 Ring Central’s Art Workshop with Nayon ng Kabataan

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Written by Board Member, Ate Weng Cutangco-Delgado

One of our Company Sponsors, Ring Central, decided to take some time off work to spend some time with the kids. It was a bright Saturday morning as we gathered 50 kids from Nayon ng Kabataan and 50 volunteers from Ring Central.

After a quick registration and orientation, the volunteers were paired and grouped with the kids. To warm up, a getting-to-know activity was done per group. Everyone was asked to name their favorite food, some citing vegetables, favorite actor and their dreams in life.

To keep things going, a game of Get In, one of our popular games using hula hoop and our own version of Arrange Yourselves was played which everyone enjoyed. Everyone showed their competitive side and tried to win each round.

Led by one of our resident Artists (Ate Blanca), the group underwent an Art Workshop where they made Surprise Creatures. It surely was a fun activity which brought out the creativity of the kids.

A Magic Show performed by one of our favorite magicians, Kuya Koby, definitely entertained the kids and the kids-at-heart. Some of the kids were even asked to join the show and do some tricks.

After the program, everyone was treated to a healthy and sumptuous meal prepared by Harvest.ph. We served Fried Chicken, rice, and a side dish of vegetables.

Ring Central also made it sure to give tokens and gifts to all the kids as souvenirs. The kids thanked the volunteers with a warm hug as they bid farewell also.

It has always been a good and refreshing idea to bond with your workmates and colleagues, but we know that it’s also fulfilling and great to do the same while helping out marginalized kids. So, why don’t you start planning your next team building activity with us? Let us help U! Visit www.uhappyevents.com/create to get more information about Create Your Own Event.

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