946 Kuya Harvard Celebrates with Little Lights

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Written by Kuya Harvard

Another year happened and it wouldn’t be complete if the kids are not part of my series of celebrations. It was May 14, my real birthday and I got a chance to gather kids from Little Lights for an afternoon of sensible fun with some of our core team members. It was done in the newly built KFC along Ortigas Extension.

The kids from Little Lights have been joining our various events since four years ago. And the ones that went were all familiar to me, the ones I’ve seen many times. I prepared a short eating contest game to create a buzz start. All the teams had to do was to consume first 10 egg crackers which were difficult to chew especially without water.

I also got our usual suppliers who are now friends of mine to do their services for free. Kuya Koby did an unusual set of magic tricks. Kuya Rich talked about two new books for his stories. And Kuya Lex took time to take exemplary photos once again. We also paid discounted rates for face painting and balloon twisting.

After a stretch of fun short activities, we served everyone KFC newest Sisig. It’s actually quite good and not that expensive for just Php 95 per bowl. We also got 30 pieces of KFC chicken and all kids got to bring home burgers and fries. This is because we had to consume Php 7,500 worth of food for the very nice spacious venue.

Thank you kids for making me wake up everyday to serve you. And to my partners who do it with me tirelessly every weekend, God bless your heart.

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