945 SGV’s Ice Cream Craft with Holy Family Home

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Written by Board Member, Ate Weng Cutangco

We may have visited Holy Family Home several times but we can say each visit is unique. Not only because the kids are growing, but also because we get different volunteers each time. This time around, we were joined by a group from SG&V Company and some volunteers who got to know about our event through our social media accounts.

As we normally do, we paired each kid to 1-2 Ate/Kuya. We also grouped them into 5 teams. Then we started our event with an activity of getting to know each other. The kids and volunteers were asked to say their name, favorite dessert, our theme that day and what they want to do if they have all the time and resources to do so.

To boost everyone’s energy, we played Pass The Charades first with the category being the favorite desserts everyone dictated and Sweet Dreams, the first team to cut five any dessert Kuya Harvard mentions wins a point per round. As expected, everyone was competitive and all out to win.

An Art Workshop was facilitated by Kuya Robby after the games. The kids and volunteers were taught how to make ice cream craft using simple materials like brown construction paper, yarn, glue and scissors. The output took awhile but worth the while when we started hanging them on the wall.

After a string of activities, the group was treated to a yummy chicken snack. This also allowed the volunteers to bond more with their partner kids.

The volunteers very much welcomed the warm hugs from the kids as they gave out various school supplies as giveaways from SGV and Company.

Whatever the weather is, it will always be a heart-warming experience whenever we visit Holy Family Home because of their welcoming and contagious smiles. We can’t wait to be back to their home again soon.

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