785 ZMG Ward Howell’s Dance Workshop with Hospicio de San Jose

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

It’s always special whenever we travel to Manila and spend time with the very playful kids of Hospicio de San Jose. Each event has been a moving experience and last July 16 was not going to be any different – literally.

34 kids gathered with well over 40 volunteers for a bouncy and moving dance workshop sponsored by a number of people. Kuya Jim from ZMG Ward Howell Executive Search Firm was just one of the volunteers/ sponsors that day. There were also students and other professionals whose resources and gifts were pooled to make this event possible.

To get everyone organized, a familiar game of The Boat is Sinking was played. Aside from getting everyone warmed up, this game served as a way to get everyone into 6 different groups. Soon enough, the event had lined up six teams: GSW, Cavs, Lakers, Wonder Kids, Blue and High Five. As always, the volunteers and kids got comfortable by a simple getting-to-know activity.

The event then played its first competitive game with the Cup Mathematics. In this game, the groups lined up relay style. A question was then given which was answerable by an exact number. Using a straw in their mouth, each member had to pass a paper cup (relay style) and complete the exact number of cups that answered the question. The first team that finished first and got the answer right won a point in the race-to-2 contest. After several rounds, team Lakers won the game.

The next game was another warm up to the day’s main activity. While still assembled in their lines, the groups played Pass the Dance. This U! original game is basically a race to relay a specific dance step to each member of the group. The last person then had to run upfront and demonstrate the dance step. It wasn’t just about relaying the steps fast but it was also about getting the dance right. After several very entertaining rounds, Team Cavs turned out to be the most dance proficient and won the game.

Kuya Japox from Big Shift Dance Studio then made his way upfront for the Dance Workshop. For this particular workshop, Kuya Japox danced to some very vibrant tunes while the entire group mirrored his movements. This was already around noon but everyone’s energy seemed to be still as high as the midday sun. After a couple of songs, the groups took some time to catch their breath while Kuya Japox did a free-style dance number to everyone’s delight.

Lunch was soon served followed by ZMG Ward Howell’s gifts to the kids. These gifts consisted of toiletry sets and school supplies which the kids can immediately put to good use.

The complete group of volunteers and kids then posed for a final photo. Before waving them goodbye, the kids gave their kuyas and ates a final embrace to show their gratitude for the very fun day.

The employees of ZMG Ward Howell brought forward the idea for this event by using their winnings from their recent Christmas party. Other volunteers showed up and things fell into place. One thing we realize with U! Happy Events is that that one step to get things started can and often really do lead to bigger things. Our thanks to Kuya Jim and ZMG Ward Howell for taking that one step and following through. Much appreciation goes out as well to all the students, professionals, friends and even families who took part in this event. Their willingness and sincerity really made it a memorable day for the kids of Hospicio.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events