473 World Puppetry Day

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

We have been getting connected quite well in the past few years. Thanks to online presence and word of mouth. We were referred by one of our suppliers to the organizers of World Puppetry Day. We met the core team so we can partner to organize it: Danilo Liwanag (owner of Roppets Puppets) and entertainers, Samuel Fuentes and Carlo Magno. Passionate about what they do, they started this last year here in the Philippines. It coincides with other events happening in all parts of the world.

Around 250 children (with some parents accompanying them) from two beneficiaries, Alay Buhay and Kaisang Buhay foundation joined the day festivities. We had 22 volunteers scatter themselves to take time to interact and enjoy the series of puppets shows.

The morning had quite a program. I started it of with a warm up game called Bato, Bato, Pick. Each one was given 7 small stickers to start. They reach out to a new friend, ask a couple of questions (name and favorite hobby) and play the game Bato, Bato, Pick (Rock, Paper, Scissors) with them once. If they win, they get the other person’s sticker. The top winners were mostly kids! One kid had 27! It must be a record for a 10 minute game.

Next were the shows. We had string puppets by Tali Galaw Marionette Theater, stick puppets by Tangkay, party characters by Hand Puppets and Sam Fuentes for Ventriloquism. Every show had a different appeal to the audience. My co-host Jenny and I took turns addressing the children for questions in between. A correct response meant story books as our prizes.

It was a delight to see many happy faces! We look forward to doing it every year and keep this tradition going. Are you game to join us in 2016? :)

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