Weng Cutangco

Friday, December 6, 2013


Weng Cutangco is our current treasurer. Here is her take on why she volunteers.

I volunteer because I can.

I may not have enough extra cash to pay for an orphan’s tuition, to buy a desktop computer for a school, to provide for a child’s daily nutrition, but I know I have more than enough time to spare and spend with our partner kids.

I am grateful for U! Happy Events for giving me (and others, too!) the opportunity to volunteer. U! tries to steer away from the traditional outreach programs where it usually revolves around the act of giving gifts or relief. U! makes it fun not only for the kids, but for the volunteers, too.

I volunteer with U! Happy Events because each event is unique. Different sets of kids, different communities, different activities. I enjoy being a volunteer and being part of the U! Core Team because I, too, (along with the kids and other volunteers) learn a thing or two from the various workshops we organize.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events