534 Walk with Me with Philippine Orthopedic Center

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelma Sy

From our first event at Tondo, U! Happy Events stretched its Father’s Day celebration last Sunday by conducting its own event with 40 kids at Philippine Orthopedic Center. Many kids in the Pedia Ward of POC have been confined for weeks already and are not joined by their fathers that day, but that did not keep us from making the afternoon an enjoyable one for them.

The event began with an introduction of the volunteers. Fourteen Ates enlisted to serve with us that afternoon, with the notable presence of five JCI Manilena members, including its President, Ate Karen Romarate. They shared their names and the names of their dads while mimicking each of their father’s voice.

A game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” ensued. Everyone was given the same number of rubber bands beforehand, and the volunteers were to go around and play against the kids after a short getting-to-know portion where they asked the kids about their dads’ names and best traits. The winners get one rubber band from their opponents and take on another challenger. When the time was up, the volunteer and the kid with the most number of rubber bands were declared winners and were given a prize.

For the next part of the event, JCI Manilena member, Ate Shen, volunteered to read the story “But That Won’t Wake Me Up!” to the kids. It was about a young girl, Maya, who was worried about not getting up early the next day and her mother, who had ideas on how to help her do so.

When Ate Shen was done, all the volunteers were given two storybooks each to read to two kids. The storybooks they read were then given to their kid partner as their gift. It was a special time for the kids to hear positive stories and for a moment keep their minds off their present condition and pain. Being confined in a hospital for a long period of time with limited mobility, is not only uncomfortable, but can also be very lonely. No wonder the kids were very appreciative of their Ates who carved out time to spend Father’s Day with them, when they can be spending the whole day somewhere else.

After the storytelling, Big Bang chocolates were distributed to the patients. The volunteers were also called out to distribute food to the kids and then exchange profiles and messages with them.

Just before the conclusion of the event and picture-taking of the volunteers, they were encouraged to visit their kid partners one last time for the day, pray for them and bid their farewells.

We thank the volunteers who shared their time and energy to help us brighten POC Pedia Ward that day, by helping the kids look past their broken bones and experience caring and love that’s whole.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events