724 USCAA’s Community Clean Up with Right Start

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

University of Southern California Alumni Association once again reached out to partner with us for a unique and relevant activity. Last year, they went to Ospital ng Makati for Bed Chandelier art workshop with patients of Ospital ng Makati. Check out what happened then here.

Before starting our community clean up around the streets of Right Start center, we made sure they know each other first. A number of our guests were foreign but that wasn’t a hindrance at all. After getting to know questions we played a new game called one direction.

One direction is all about team work. I gave a series of commands that teams had to do together. They had to maintain holding each other’s hands. The last team to follow sits and is out. The last team standing is declared winner. Some commands include dance, sing their favorite song, jump, bend, raise hands and huddle up.

We gave each team their own sets of cleaning materials. This include a broomstick, sticks to pick trash, dust pan and garbage bags. After less than an hour we got three streets- West Crame 1 to 3 much cleaner than we started.

Our group challenged the children who live around the community to continue putting value on a clean environment. We also told them to lead this initiative with their own families.

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