474 USCAA’s Bed Chandelier with Ospital ng Makati

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

This was our 5th and final event for March 21. We did a final happy push with kids battling cancer of Ospital ng Makati. Since it was our 4th event with them in the last 4 months, we met similar faces.

The sponsor is a group called University of Southern California Alumni Association (USCAA). Their coordinator, Kuya Jezreel Apelar contacted me with much enthusiasm about a month ago for this volunteer opportunity. They are all alumnus of the said school and they do an outreach every year. It also serves as their get together.

We had a simple yet engaging program prepared. I initiated the 5 groups first and had them get to know each other through three questions: their name, favorite color and their talent. Some of the parents of the children were there with us. They joined in as well.

Next stop was our Blow It Up game. Teams had to compete and win using balloons. All they had to do was to copy together the balloon size of what Ate Mikel, one of our core leaders, has. She would show random sizes from really small to the biggest possible size. One team came up with 3 points quickly and got happy stamps for their kids.

Kuya Robby took the helm after for our art workshop, bed chandelier. Colorful sets of paper put together with Popsicle sticks and yarns made up this masterpiece. Volunteers took the challenge and got each child their own. It was a combination of flowers that can be hanged on their beds while they wait to get better.

The happy day ended with hugs and little prayers for healing. We are thankful that more and more organizations and companies partner with us for happy and meaningful events like these. Planning one for your own or company, go ahead and click here.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events