668 UP Manila Indayog Dance Varsity’s Dance Workshop with John David Salvador

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Ate Yette Tana

The idea of kids helping other kids is such a great way to introduce children to being involved in charitable causes and volunteer work, setting them on the path to doing good for others throughout their lives. – Brandy Norwood

To volunteer in a young age is really wonderful, like what young students of U.P. Manila Indayog Dance Varsity did (Ate Mikaela and her friends). These energetic kids shared their time and talent to other kids from John David V. Salvador Foundation (JDVSF).

The bonding started by getting to know each other (knowing names, favorite colors, favorite food and kids’ Christmas wishes). It was very nice to know that the kids from JDV Salvador Foundation did not desire for toys or new clothes or shoes but instead wished for good health and happiness for everyone and hoped that families will always stay together and not only for Christmas.

After being familiar with each other, the first activity was “Get In” game., Kids and volunteers were grouped into four (4) teams. The first team (without touching or holding) who can make the straw string go by to the last team member wins!

The second bonding activity was the Dance Workshop, facilitated by U.P. Manila Indayog Dance Varsity. The kids were excited and eager to learn the dance steps. They charmingly danced to the rhythm of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”.

Then, the kids and the volunteers had a break time and enjoyed snacks together. After the break, they played the last activity for the day, “Beach Relay”. For the last part of the wonderful Saturday activity, U.P. Manila Indayog Dance Varsity shared school supplies to the kids, had group pictures with the kids and a very meaningful group hug (volunteers and kids) ended the day.

It was another well-spent Saturday for all of us. Seeing the smile and hearing the laugh from the kids and volunteers is an experience that is priceless. Looking forward for more volunteers and volunteering opportunities. Let us spread the joy of volunteerism.

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