206 Unstoppable Dream: Nick Vujicic

Monday, May 20, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Thank you much to our friends from Singapore that we got to invite college students from Victory Fort Bonifacio’s Lifebox to Nick Vujicic’s Unstoppable Dream talk. Vice President for External, Jo-e Villagarcia rallied friends overseas to make this event possible.

LifeBox is a nationwide campus organization that is passionate about preparing students for LIFE. LifeBox achieves this by teaching and coaching students in the areas of Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence; and empower them to live out their purpose, and pursue life-giving relationships with others and with Jesus. We felt that this talk is just fitting to the goals of both our group and theirs.

The event was entertaining and inspiring in many ways. For someone who has no limbs, he was used by God to be the arms and legs for other people. He did not receive his miracle yet, but he chose to be that miracle for others. His words were moving and encouraging. For someone who is in a difficult situation, he emphasized that having Jesus is the answer so we can have a life of Joy.

He lightened up the crowd many times with his life story and using his disability to be comical even. We loved the part when he said that a kid asked him what happened?!! He said, cigarettes. He says further, that kid will never take a cigarette in his life.

He also took the time to answer 5 questions from the crowd. This part showed much of his wisdom. He answered with genuine content and value. At 30 years old, presidents and other global influential leaders have given him the opportunity to speak with them.

We took the time to process more what we learned with the students after in Chowking while eating “Halo-Halo”. :)

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