844 Unionbank’s Financial Literacy with Little Lights Part 2 of 2

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Kai Garcia

Another exciting day has been spent with the children of the Little Lights. This is the part 2 of the event sponsored by the UnionBank of the Philippines aiming to share fun and learning with the kids. Same as the prior event, we emphasized through our activities the value and importance of financial knowledge.

Getting to know the children was a cheerful moment as the volunteers got the chance to mingle with the kids. The children get used to laughing and playing with the Ates and Kuyas as well.

In line with this literacy program, our activities consisted of teaching simple money concepts. With various art materials, the children have showcased their creativity in our Bring Me Art game. They have cut out things associated with finance such as a peso bill and bank. The group who presented the artwork first have won this round.

While the magician performed his craft, the kids happily participated and enjoyed every bit of it. Our photos display the happy faces of all the people involved in this event. Each activity provides learning and delight that exhibited children’s creativity.

As prizes, we distributed story books and handy items to the children. The giggling kids posed with their piggy-banks for a photo ops as well.

Positively, this event has left valuable insight about money concepts that these kids can use in the future. This financial literacy event has been a venue for children to learn about arts, finance, and most of all about life.


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U! Happy Events