843 Unionbank’s Financial Literacy with Little Lights Part 1 of 2

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’s Staff, Kai Garcia

An exciting Saturday morning welcomes the children of the Little Lights Ministry. Our Ates and Kuyas from the UnionBank of the Philippines chose to celebrate the Literacy Month by sponsoring this event where various fun activities have been spent. This was the first of two batches.

It is never too early to teach kids about financial literacy and building good money habits. That is why our fun activities have been associated with enjoyable learning. This has brought joy and laughter as the volunteers and children alike participated with enthusiasm. The spark of spirit and energy was observed as they challenge everyone to win.

The twist with the “Bring Me” game was by all means amusing as the kids were needed to draw. Certainly, their creativity has been exhibited specially with the activity where the children were asked to present a “financially-free” man. It is indeed a delight for us and the volunteers to see the children working with their imagination.

Who would forget the timeless magic show and face painting that are loved by not just kids, but also grownups. Jolly faces with great awe were spotted among children as they watched the magicians perform.

What made this event a successful one, was the proof that we have shared the importance of earning, spending, and saving. Watching them use a calculator and filling-in their piggy banks relates to their acquired understanding of the value of money.

The group with the most points have won and received prizes, but in everyone’s hearts all the children have won. It will always be a pleasure to see kids enjoy, smile, and learn with us. Surely, this kind of experience would be the most treasured prize anyone would have.

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