888 Unilab Celebrates with Cottolengo Filipino

Monday, December 19, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

The Christmas events are more than half way done. Today despite being coding, I braved a long drive to Montalban for a first time visit to Cottolengo Filipino. It is owned and managed by Little Works of Divine Providence Congregation founded by Saint Luigi Orione, an apostle of charity and father of the poor. Its aim is to serve the most poor, abandoned, neglected, surrendered persons with disabilities.

Cottolengo Filipino relies on the donations of generous and selfless persons and companies to continue its mission of love on behalf of the abandoned disabled persons, specially children. Thanks to our sponsor, Unilab some of these needs were met. On top of cash donation and a fruitful Christmas celebration they also gave away grocery items.

It took me time to process what game would work. Although I had an idea about the children’s profile, it was different when I was already in front of them. Most of them were actually on their teens with three levels of disability. The comprehension and physical movements were varied.

Finally with a hula hoop with us, I tasked our volunteers to find an able partner for trip to Jerusalem, using hula hoops. They simply go around by pair, dancing in tune and find an available hula hoop when the music stops. It got competitive and served its purpose of connecting and getting to know more about the children and teens. One of them, Gozen danced with so much glee, so I asked him to do a solo performance.

The team of Unilab picked two performances, Magic and Story Telling. I think these two engaging activities worked well with our audience. Not only did we get to participate, it was also time for to discover and learn something new. After these we went on with serving Mcdonald snacks.

While enjoying a small feast of Chicken Mcdo and fries, four of our Unilab friends sang in front. The feeling of Christmas was felt. Some sang along and the lyrics came alive. My heart was filled with joy as I witnessed everyone during this time.

Although most of our Cottolengo Filipino friends were not your usual companions, I appreciated their smiles and appreciation all throughout our stay. It just one memory I’ll never forget.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events