482 U! Happy Events’ Celebrates with Virlanie Foundation

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

The thrill of the day ahead always seems to get amplified when we have the kids of Virlanie Foundation in our events. And when you bring games into the picture, it just makes for an uber-fun time. That was exactly the kind of excitement that set the stage last March 29 at the Makati Coliseum.

25 kids from the Makati-based children’s home reached the venue well before their kuyas and ates. As the children waited patiently, the volunteers arrived in surprising numbers. It was certainly a delightful sight to have that many people sign up.

To get things started, the volunteers and kids got the chance to get comfortable with a getting-to-know activity. This was designed to break the ice between the kids and the volunteers, especially those participating for the first time.

After the getting-to-know activity and as the groups were still seated, we proceeded with a story-telling courtesy of Kuya Jay from Adarna House. Adarna House is a group dedicated to the education and values formation of kids thru story books and actual story-telling. The tale was about a couple of sea creatures – a hipon and a biya to more specific – and offered lessons on friendship and loyalty.

With everyone really settled in, we played the first game – Number Trivia. It was simply a quiz game about numbers. Aside from some arithmetic know-how, the groups also had to communicate and work as one in conveying their answers. Members of the groups had to stand up based on the numbers/ points assigned per volunteer and kid. The total number standing up would pertain to their answer to the questions. Some neck-to-neck competition ensued and a winning team eventually came out as the brightest of the bunch.

The next game was a bit more physical. It’s called the Planting Rice game. In this relay, 3 members from each team had to race in ‘planting’ a paper cup, a straw and a ping pong ball onto certain spots on the floor. Another 3 members then had to work swiftly to collect the items once more. It was all about being fast and being first. With only one round to compete, the teams gave it their all just to win prizes for their kids – and one ultimately did!

The last game for the day was the Dance Craze Showdown. With summer already here, it was an activity to somewhat get everyone fit in a way. This game featured some popular songs which the groups had to dance to. But it wasn’t just about dancing, it was really about performing. The teams were judged based on their dance routines as well as their creativity in involving all their members. In the end, one team strutted their way to the win.

After the physical activities, it was time for some needed replenishment of energy. The volunteers and kids sat down over lunch while getting to bond some more. They also got to hand each one a heartfelt message thru the Profile Exchange activity.

The entire group then gathered for a final picture. Before posing for the cameras though, a few people sharing the birthday month of March were called up front to get a warm happy birthday song. Some of these people generously brought with them some more gifts for the kids as their contribution to the day’s affair.

Again, our sincerest thank U! to all the volunteers who participated. We extend much gratitude as well to Virlanie Foundation for graciously welcoming us. The turnout was indeed a joyful surprise and we hope to see more of these lovely and dashing volunteers in our future events.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events