96 U! CAN Learn with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Written by Kuya Harvard

U! CAN Learn is one of those events we do and come out like we did 3 events put together. It was a whole day event filled with so many activities for kids and their partnered Ate and Kuya. The preparation was 2 months ahead as there were many small and big things to do. We thank our partner The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf once again for a fruitful 3rd installment of the U! CAN program.

Since the event needed more help, we reached out and partnered with another group- JCI Manilena through the leadership of Ate Odessa. She was as persistent and ready as our core leaders were. In U! CAN Learn, around 20 of their members went, half of them leading the game stations.

The core group started way earlier at 6AM to set-up. We did more than we could- we even designed the multi- purpose hall at Rain Forest Park. Thanks to many arms and legs we were able to finish before registration started at 8AM. The 5 tents we got were ready and installed as well.

Breakfast was special that day as partner The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gave away free brewed coffee using their new CBTL machine and muffins for every volunteer. Thank you!

Partnership turned out a bit of concern as we had too many volunteers. We had 141 sign ups that day and only had 103 kids. Good thing our core leaders were many and they gladly gave up their kid for other volunteers. “This is always a good problem for us”, says Kuya Harvard.

We grouped them into 10 teams and “forced” them to pick their leader and assistant leader. First game was to create their own team name. It has to be a Filipino trait in Filipino and they had to use materials from the environment. They were all very great designs! See some of them in pictures.

Next was team cheering! It proved to be a great new addition to our set of activities. All 10 teams were prepared- creative and active, every volunteer tried to be involved as they can. Some made their own dance moves, chants and even rap.

The 10 stations of games were ready! We had blind egg toss, reverse charades, banderitas challenge, doctor quack quack, trivia, ball challenge, fit the team, burning wall, hula hoop and paper clips. We had 20 core leaders assigned on stations plus 10 more to assist them. Kuya Harvard & Kuya JB hosted the event while the team transferred from one station to another. This lasted around one hour.

Lunch and Photo Booth was next. We thank Funlipix for sponsoring Photo Booth every event starting on this one. Every pair of kid and volunteer picked which one they wanted to do first. We also serve brownies and juice from a volunteer who sponsored them.

Pairs also had time to rest and relax while waiting for 3 tour guides. As they came, we arranged them into teams- ready to conquer the mini zoo and aviary in Rain Forest Park. Core leaders cleaned up and prepared everyone to the last stretch of the program- entertainment.

As everyone settled, Kuya JB started his magic moves. We thank him for always volunteering to do magic for free. You can contact Kuya JB for your own private functions. Kids and even volunteers still get fascinated every time.

Two performances from beneficiary Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation followed. One was a group singing performance and the other a dance number headed by a 6 year old, Nestor. It was one of the best we have seen.

The usual photo session and closing remarks followed next. Kids lined up for their gifts from our sponsors Otto Shoes and Shell Toys. We sat down with the volunteers and thanked them endlessly and challenge them to do more for society. We also gave them toys to give to others. We wanted to emphasize that we are always channels of blessings.

Thank you also to our major sponsor Tomato and Brieo! Thank U! for bringing some of your team as well


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