99 U! CAN Inspire with Tahan Tahanan

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Written by Kuya Harvard

We coined the event Inspire for it was fitting to the situation of the kids with cancer. “They need encouragement and a positive environment of fun and support”, says Kuya Harvard. “We need to send the message of hope and love to the kids and their mothers despite their challenge”, he adds.

But more than inspiring kids, we believe that it inspired the 173 volunteers as well. “We weren’t expecting this much Ates and Kuyas to come”, Kuya David quips. “But it’s a good problem that am sure we can find solutions in the future”, David added.

The day started 7AM for the leaders, officers and board members. Set up was done quickly as many of our power team came to help out. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf team was there as well to give a hand and set-up breakfast for all the volunteers. We also had chocolate milk and bread for the Kids.

Orientation and raffle started for the volunteers. “We have so much to raffle today because we have more sponsors willing to partner with us in reaching out to Kids”, says Kuya JB, head of the marketing of U! Happy Events. We think raffle is a good idea as a way to thank more our volunteers for their time, talents and treasures.

On the other side of the conference room, we were also orienting the kids and their parents on guidelines and “rules” to follow. The parents were advised to leave their kids so that volunteers can have more bonding time with them. These orientation for both parties are very important to make sure everyone knows what to achieve in the events that we do.

Movie was next after volunteers found their partner kids. Since they were so many volunteers, they had to share a kid and took turns in taking care of them. Madagascar 2 was perfect fit as kids and volunteers enjoyed and had fun watching it. Our surprise guests, the Penguins made their way next, dancing in the tune of the popular, I like to move it! 

Before lunch came, we also had a renowned violin performer who serenaded everyone with his compositions. It was good entertainment to showcase other forms of art. We don’t hear and see violin every time.

The Cookery and Coco Cakes partnered for a great lunch experience for all 250 people. It was chicken barbecue and cupcakes for dessert. It was a semi feast filled with love!

RPN 9 arrived and interviewed Kuya Harvard and some of the volunteers. We will post that video soon here so you can hear about the testimonies from young volunteers. Janina of RPN 9 did a story telling with prizes after Kuya JB’s funny magic show.

The final entertainment is always most awaited. Kids with cancer performed two numbers- a song and a dance number. It is truly inspiring to see kids perform despite of their situation. Dra. Abesamis then shared the story on how Tahan-Tahanan was born. She spoke with so much passion!

Kuya Harvard and Kuya Benj ended the program for the volunteers with the website launch and another set of raffle. What an event it was.

We would like to thank again our 18 sponsors who gave cash and in kind to make our event more dynamic and filled.

Annual Sponsors:

Major Sponsors:
Red Box
The Cookery
Otto Shoes
DZAS 702
Wave 89.1

Minor Sponsors:
Chef’s Tony
Coco Cakes
Managed Care
SPA 101

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