93 U! CAN Discover with Bahay Tuluyan

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Written by Kuya Harvard

We are confident that kids and their Kuyas and Ates discovered things last June 25. This may be from the museum tour, entertainment or from each other lives. It was a day that we chose to do anyway despite the weather that morning and days before that. “Am glad we pushed through despite the odds”, says Kuya Harvard. “I believed and prayed and today we will make this event more memorable”, he adds.

The day started early for our leaders, 7AM. A small team gathered to put together the pre-arrangements. The museum was even closed and it was only opened for our use. Towards 8AM more volunteers came and then 103 kids came rushing to the multi-purpose hall.

It was a bit cold and somehow made the event more cozy and close. Volunteers found themselves being “closer” to their kids throughout the whole program. Since only 68 made it due to floods and strong rain in some areas, some volunteers welcomed having more than 1 kid partner.

Hosts Kuya JB and Kuya Harvard jump started the day with short orientation about U! and Bahay Tuluyan, our very hardworking beneficiary for U! CAN Discover. They work hard to reach out these kids and provide them practical education like hygiene and values in their communities. They do this by using their van, a mobile education program.

Tour was headed by two volunteers from Museo and took around 90 minutes! “The tour was engaging and fun for both me and my kid, we didn’t feel it was that long”, says Ate Michelle, one of our volunteers. Next was lunch!

Entertainment followed with volunteer, Kuya Tristan playing the violin. “It was not a common thing for kids’ events but it was one way of discovering new things”, says Kuya JB on his host spiel. Kuya JB then proceeded with his magic act. A common program but always the favorite of many!

Story Telling was next. Ate Elaine blessed us with her time and brought along her own son to help her out with the story. Then, kids lined up on the side right away for their song, Thanks to you! Check out their photos! This is one of the most anticipated parts of our events.

Last was the famous newspaper dance! It was Kuya David’s idea. It was his suggestion to bring about more interaction with kids and volunteers. It worked really well! Most if not all danced the afternoon away. Kuya Harvard awarded the last surviving team and best dance group.

Thanks to our sponsors Tomato, Kit Kat, Otto Shoes and Shell for assisting us with this event. Thanks also for our leaders led by officers Ate Te, Ate Amy and Kuya JB. See U! on July 16 for U! CAN Learn.

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