265 Kuya Nelson’s Tree Planting with Metro World Child

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

We should all be advocates of protecting and sustaining the environment. This includes getting kids involved early in activities related to it. Last December 8, we were able to plant 150 seedlings (5 different kinds) through a partnership with Kuya Nelson Aguila, our sponsor and Eco Planet.

It was a really early morning start and a fulfilling early afternoon finish for the whole team. Twenty Metro World Child kids showed much enthusiasm and happiness throughout. Volunteers and friends of our sponsor supported and got engaged with the kids. After a successful planting despite the rain, we went to Mills Country Clubhouse located in Carmelray Laguna for lunch, games and gift giving designed to get to know the kids better. We continued to echo as well the value of the environment by sharing trivia.

Kuya Nelson Aguila looks forward in doing this partnership annually. U! Happy Events, on the other hand commits to be more environmental conscious on all our events. We are also looking into partnering with Eco Planet for more related programs in the years to come.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events