510 The Blandings Celebrates with Rehoboth Children’s Home

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Japhet Paragsa

It was my first time to hear about Rehoboth Children’s Home last June 6, the same day of our scheduled visit. Since I didn’t have an idea where the location was, I had to depend on either Kuya Harvard’s ability to do “convoy” and/or on Waze. After an hour or so of driving from Marcos Highway, we arrived at the location and it got me to thinking… this is quite far. I hope they get a lot of the likes of Ate Jo-e and her friends to visit and provide support.

As soon as we parked our cars, we were welcomed warmly by the staff of Rehoboth and from there I knew it was going to be an afternoon well spent. While the core team was setting up, the volunteers started mingling and playing with the kids. Some of the kids were a little shy at first but our Ates and Kuyas did not stop until they warm up. It started to rain when we were about to start the program so we had to transfer to a covered location. This did not dampen anyone’s spirit though rather we saw it as a blessing from above.

We spent the next couple of hours playing fun (and competitive) games and simply bonding with the kids. It allowed us and the volunteers to get to know the kids and their background a little better. The kids proved to very sweet and well-mannered which proves how good their home environment is. After sharing an afternoon snack with the Rehoboth family and the gifts/donations have been distributed, we said our goodbyes and left a promise to visit again soon.

Ate Joanna Villagarcia Blanding is a current board member of Rehoboth. If you want to get to know them more, you can visit their website at www.rehobothsamplocministries.com or our website at www.uhappyevents.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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