547 Telstra’s Friendship Clay with Boys Town 4 of 4

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Written by Board Member, Rica Leyritana

Last Saturday, the kids of Manila Boys Town in Marikina had their last session for “Artraction,” a progressive art workshop sponsored by Telstra, an Australian Telco company. The workshop went for four (4) Saturdays.

The final Saturday for “Artraction” started with the usual getting-to-know-you activity. We asked the 27 kids and forty one (41) volunteers, mostly from our partner company, ANZ to share their names and their favorite cartoons.

After this, we held a game which we called “Fax Machine.” The mechanics of the game is very simple and very similar to the game “Pass the Message.” The kids and volunteers were first divided into groups. The first member of the team was then shown a figure which that member has to draw at the back of the next member. The next member will have to do the same to the next member until it reaches the last member of the group. The last member will then have to draw the figure in the piece of paper given and submit to us for checking. The first one to submit the correct figure earns the point. The game was intense as there came a point where each team already have a point.

For the last session of “Artraction,” Kuya Robby, U! Happy Events’ resident artist introduced 3D clay art to the kids. The kids were taught how to create a sculpture of two friends out of colorful clay. The kids did a great job following Kuya Robby’s instructions but what was interesting to see are the kids’ own take on the clay art. Some changed the hairstyle, some change the shape of the shoes etc. We were very happy to see that the series of workshop has really helped the kids unleash their creativity and bring out their personality in their artworks.

When everyone was done, the kids were asked to place their 3D clay art in front so that Kuya Robby can choose the best one to be sent to our Australian partners. Kuya Robby had a hard time choosing as all of the clay art were special in their own way. Kuya Robby chose the clay art which he thinks is the most creative and neatly done.

After the art activity, food was then distributed and shared among the teams. We thank Ate Ahdie Cafirma, a Telstra volunteer, who provided the delicious food as she celebrated her birthday via the event. Gifts of school supplies and prizes were also given to the kids and the winning teams during the meal. We also handed out jogging pants to the kids which will be used by the kids when they get invited for events and trips outside. We thank Ate Lillian Vasquez, another July celebrant, for providing the kids with the much needed jogging pants. Extra pants were also given out to the other kids from Boystown who was not present during the workshop. To end the Artraction series with a bang, a netbook computer was donated by our friends from Telstra which the kids/facilitators may use for the center.

The day ended with the usual group photos and of course, the exchange of warm hugs between our kids and our volunteers.

We hope that U! would join us on next events. We guarantee that it will be fulfilling and you will have fun!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events