525 Telstra’s Dance Workshop with Little Lights 4 of 5

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Ren dela Cruz

It’s been raining events for the U! Happy Team this June and last Saturday, June 20, was no exception. It was our 4th installment of Telstra’s Progressive Dance workshop for Little Lights Ministry and we were so excited to return because the kids have been so enthusiastic, and continue to show great improvement in their dancing! As it turns out, the kids were just as excited as we were for that Friday, and were welcomed with shrieks of joy, and even a Thank You letter from one of the kids, 9-year old Kiezza.

We started off the morning with a twist–after grouping the volunteers and kids into five teams, I asked each group to come up with a team name, share their own name and favorite dance steps, and then demonstrate it to the rest of their teammates. After sharing came the challenge: I asked the teams to create a short dance routine with 8 counts, using the steps they showed the group! Each team then had to go in front, with the volunteers introducing themselves and the team to the rest and then performing their 8 counts. It was also a way of letting the kids’ creativity and confidence in dancing come through–as I have been encouraging them the past weeks to not be scared of making up steps which they feel go together with the music they hear. It was so much fun seeing the performances! I personally love how children’s personalities shine even more in their dancing, and shine it did as they and their ates and kuyas grooved to the beat!

After that activity, we then had a game with balloons. Each member of the team were given deflated balloons, and the object of the game was to follow instructions as to what the size of the balloons will be, and how many balloons are needed for each team. Fastest one wins the game!

Once the kids calmed down from the excitement of blowing balloons, we then proceeded with the workshop proper. For that Friday, I had more steps to teach them for the song ‘Price Tag’, which we started the week before. First we had our warm-up routine though, followed by a quick review of the previous lessons so that the volunteers new to the workshop had an idea of the steps as well. When we were finished with the routines, I asked each group to perform the dance we had come up with so far–and it was such a joy watching them remember the steps! I told the kids the following workshop would complete the last steps for our dance piece, and they got pretty excited.

Meals were served after the tiring but very productive workshop, and then gift-giving and a group photo came next. To end the event, we asked the kids to give their Telstra ates and kuyas warm hugs, to which they happily obliged to. Thank you Telstra for providing these kids a great avenue to learn dance as well as experience more love and support from their ates and kuyas!

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