520 Telstra’s Dance Workshop with Little Lights 2 of 5

Friday, June 12, 2015

Written by Core Team Trainee, Christianne Castillo

Summer is definitely not yet over! Beating the heat with the kids from Little Lights Ministry’s dance workshop was a heart-pumping and sweat-inducing experience. Many thanks to our corporate sponsor Telstra Philippines.

Twenty five kids were divided in four groups and were each assigned to an Ate or Kuya volunteer. At the beginning of the event, we had very few and limited volunteers but when the Ates and Kuyas from Telstra Philippines came, the groups became bigger and came to life and got filled with so much energy and excitement!

As a warm up to the activity, each Ate and Kuya volunteer introduced himself to everyone, mentioned their favorite song and chose an iconic dance move. They then returned to their teams and were asked the same questions to the Little Lights Ministry Kids. Some kids even showcased their talent to their respective group.

The fun is not complete without games! One of the games played is called “Shape-it-Up.” Each team was asked to hold hands and form a circle. Kuya Glenn, our host, will describe a thing and each team shall answer by mimicking the shape of the described. Everyone’s creativity came out and each formed a star, a rectangle, a house,a tree and many more.

The main event was led by Ate Ren dela Cruz. She asked the kids to dance the first workshop they did and they all moved and grooved to the song Uptown Funk. The kids were asked to warm up before Ate Ren teaches the main song. At last, everyone was bouncing and dancing to the song Magic! Even the Ates and Kuyas were all enthusiastic! It will never be complete without the dance showdown! Every team gave their best and graceful Magic dance!

Tired from all the dancing, the volunteers gave water and pancit to the kids to replenish their energy. The Telstra Philippines team then distributed school supplies to the kids. The kids were all so happy and excited to receive their second gifts!

Finally, the Little Lights Ministry kids and volunteers all joined together for a group photo. The event ended with the volunteers giving big hugs to the kids!

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