544 Telstra’s Food Collage with Boys Town 3 of 4

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Suszie Galang

At U! Happy Events, we like to involve volunteers, companies and the kids at meaningful friendships through art programs. As this is the easiest and and most fun way that the volunteers and kids get to work together. Today, an Australian Telco Company, Telstra, joined us for one of our events at Manila Boys Town in Marikina. We were joined by 15 volunteers and 25 kids for the 3rd series of Artraction program with the kids from Manila Boys Town.

While waiting for the volunteers to arrived, we played the requested songs of the kids (Watch me Whip/Nae Nae, Blank Space, Twerk it Like Miley, etc) while they danced and sang along to the songs. When all of the ates and sole kuya were registered we grouped the kids into 5 in a team and we asked the ates and kuyas to join these groups.

For the kids and the volunteers to get to know each other, we asked them to introduce themselves. Since it’s an Artraction program, we asked the kids and the volunteers to share their favorite color and what they want to be when they grow up/current profession.

After the kids and volunteers got to know each other better, we wanted to catch their attention and get their hearts racing. So we played a game called “Pass the Charades”. This is a combination of chinese whispers/pass the message and charades, instead of whispering the word, the kids and volunteers have to act the word out. This got both the kids and volunteers excited and pumped for the next event.

This week for the Artraction program with Kuya Robby, the kids and volunteers created a collage using different items that can be found at home. This collage was created to look like kanin with fish, itlog and kamatis for viand. It was fun seeing the kids enjoy creating this artwork with the help of the ates and kuya. When the kids were finished creating the artwork they asked the photographer that was going around to take pictures of their artwork. The kids were very much proud of their artwork and wanted to show it off with the ates and kuya.

After all the fun activities, merienda was served to the everyone. During this time the kids got to know their ates and kuya better while sharing their food. The gifts and prizes were also given to the kids and the winning team.

We ended the day with the customary group photos with the kids, ates and kuya and the core team. The kids and volunteers then exchanged warm hugs and said their farewells ’til next time. We hope that U! would join us next week on our last week of the Artraction program with the kids at Manila Boys Town.

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