542 Telstra’s Self Portrait with Boys Town 2 of 4

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

It was the 2nd of a series of events inside the quiet community of Manila Boystown. The tranquil environment was only broken by the sparkle of the spirited kids from the Marikina-based shelter. This event was part of Australian telecommunications company Telstra’s continuing program to support different communities in Metro Manila.

An inspired set of activities, highlighted by an art workshop, awaited the kids and volunteers in the Saturday affair. 13 boys and 12 girls greeted the eager kuyas and ates from Telstra as they were organized into five (5) teams. They soon got more acquainted through an intimate getting-to-know activity.

The groups then readied themselves for the popular game, Paint Me a Picture. Considering the day’s artistic theme, this game was very aptly selected. In this well-loved game, the teams were given different categories which they had to recreate through different poses or ‘portraits.’ The teams had to be imaginative in painting the scenarios given in order to win points for their team. A group soon emerged the winner after being the most organized and the most creative.

Resident artist Kuya Robby Singh then took front and center to lead everyone in the art workshop. It featured a very colorful portrait-making activity for the kids. The kuyas and ates also got busy as they assisted the kids in organizing their colors and materials. The activity indeed brought a lot of fun and vibrancy to the whole event. Aside from that, it helped the kids stimulate their creativity as well as their ability to learn, communicate and express themselves.

After the workshop, the volunteers and kids gathered to share an afternoon snack. They likewise got to spend some more time together talking and taking pictures and selfies with their creations. Storybooks were also handed out to everyone as their memento for the lively event.

The entire group then gathered for a final picture as the kids showed their appreciation to their kuyas and ates by giving them a very animated embrace. They bid their goodbyes with much anticipation to the next event lined up in the progressive workshop.

Join us and Telstra for more fun activities with Manila Boystown, and other beneficiaries. Visit our Facebook page or http://uhappyevents.com/volunteer/ for the schedules.

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