465 Teletech Recruitment Leader’s Accessory Workshop with SOS Children’s Villages

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Japhet Paragsa

One of the advocacies of U is to help increase awareness on marginalized children and create more volunteers along the way. That is whyiIt’s heartwarming to know that, in your own little way, you are able to positively influence your friends in giving back to the community.

Last Sunday, March 8, some of the leaders of Teletech’s recruitment unit (who happen to share the same birthday week) sponsored an Accessory Making Workshop with the kids of SOS Village in Ayala Alabang. The event was attended by family and friends of Ate Cecille, Ate Cheska and Kuya Pat. Since it was an open event, a number of volunteers joined the celebration as well which helped us reach a 1:1 volunteer-kid ratio. Yay!

The afternoon was jumpstarted by grouping the kids and volunteers together and started getting to know each other. We had a number of first time volunteers so the excitement to interact with kids was very evident. We wanted to sustain the momentum of everyone so we immediately moved on to our first game – Puzzle! There were 2 sets of previous U Happy events and 2 rounds of elimination games to determine who will compete in the championship round. Apart from the kids, it was the volunteers’ competitive spirit that made the championship round more entertaining. In the end, it was Ate Cecille’s group who bagged the prize. Kudos kids (and kids at heart)!

One of the most remarkable things about the kids of SOS is that they seem to have an unlimited supply of energy which the volunteers had to match when we started with Game 2 – Blind Egg Toss. We had to utilize the outside grounds of SOS for this activity to ensure we had enough space for the game. Besides, it was a beautiful afternoon and everyone can do with a little ray of sunshine. This game never fails to generate so much fun and thrill from all participants; and everyone was just feeling spirited while having so much fun. In fact, it took a while for us to determine our winners because everyone did not make it easy for anyone to win. Such a competitive bunch!

You would think that after the Blind Egg Toss game, the energy will subside… but you thought wrong. When it was time for the main activity, everyone was anticipating a masterpiece to come out from the workshop. The volunteers were so much ready to impress the kids with their arts and crafts skills until they actually started doing the accessories for their kids. But no matter how challenging it was, the volunteers kept at it to make sure they finish the accessory for their kid, which was a delight to see. With the help of our amazing Ate Emjay who patiently assisted everyone in creating their accessories, everyone had their souvenir for the day.

Of course, the day would not be complete without food and gift giving. It’s during this time that the volunteers get to spend a more intimate time with their kids and an opportunity to get to know them better. After giving out big hugs to their Ates and Kuyas, we heard kids and volunteers exchanging commitments of keeping in touch and seeing each other again. Those were “awwww” moments which almost brought tears to my eyes.

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