322 Tangent’s Brigada Eskwela with Krus na Ligas Elementary School

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

For the second time, Tangent reached out to us to organize their outreach activity. The first one was a bike workshop with kids from Metro World Child. Ate Malou Galian, our External Vice President works with them. It is cool that our core team gets to influence their employers to take part in our mission to provide better opportunities to children.

Brigada Eskwela brings together school officials, parents, students, and private organizations in an effort to clean and repair schools in time for enrollment the following week and the start of classes on June 2. It was the last day of the program when we came to Krus de Ligas Elementary School. This partnership was made possible by Check My School, an NGO that does participatory monitoring initiative aimed to improve service delivery in public education by promoting social accountability and transparency. It is nice to meet more NGOs that compliments what we hope to accomplish.

The morning’s effort was focused on cleaning classrooms and repainting its doors. 21 employees of Tangent together with 25 selected grade school students partnered to make the rooms far better when school opens. After more than an hour of work, we huddled for rest and lunch. Kuya Harvard also took the time to ask what everyone learned from the activity. The kids got story books as tokens for a job well done.

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